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In this day and age, where everything seems to play out on the internet, it’s no surprise that there’s an ever-increasing number of threats and scams at every turn. The rise in the number of cybercrime activities is astonishing, with the criminals becoming smarter and more innovative by the day and being responsible for all the malicious activity we come across the internet.

Let’s be honest, we don’t have to be online to risk fraudulent activities or have someone rip us off! On a day to day basis, our life is exposed to fraudulent activities, which range from people looking over your shoulder when you walk out of an ATM, to rogue traders selling counterfeit products!

The only problem with scams that take place over the internet is that we can easily fall victim to them. There’s no one who’s safe! As the freeslotsland technology gets better by the day, so do these scams as the criminals come up with better ways to match up the changes in technology!

Internet Casino Scams

How nice would it be if you would instill your trust in every online casino website you visit! Unfortunately, this isn’t as easy as most people would think as most of these casinos rear their ugly heads all over the internet.

But there’s a trick that we must share with, and which is to stick to what you know and trust! Never venture out to an online casino service that you have no idea about it just because it promises to offer you better incentives, in terms of promotions, bonuses and services!

By choosing sites that we recommend for you, you are guaranteed of protection right from the time you sign up at the site to the time you spend playing until when you decide to log out of the site! You are also guaranteed that you won’t be facing some of the following issues that have been identified as the major scams!

Popular Scams That You’ll Come across Blacklisted Casinos

We always say, we are at the forefront to bring you all the information affecting the casino industry positively and negatively. After going through different Blacklisted Casinos reviews online, we reached a conclusion that these are the factors that affect the industry negatively – in other words, casino scams.

Slow Pay, No Pay

This is one of the most common scams that you’ll come across on the online gaming platforms, and it can really be devastating if you are the one who’s on the receiving end! While it’s a normal occurrence that you might experience some delay in your account once in a while, the blacklisted casinos under this category take the delay to a whole new level and will leave you jumping through hoops for a payout. These casinos will use every trick in the book to avoid paying you and their affiliates!

Why would a casino that’s been running for 10 years start to scam you? It doesn’t make sense, does it? Well, this could not be a trend, but when it discovers that it’s about to go under, the casino might try to get hold of every penny it can.

Therefore, if you are playing at a site and notice that your payments are taking long to be processed, you should raise the issue with the company licensing it ASAP. Below is the typical time duration that you should expect your winnings after making a withdrawal request.

Payment Method

Typical Time To Process Payment

Extended Time To Process Payment


6 – 12 hours at most

In case of a delay, not more than 24 hours


6 – 12 hours at most

In case of a delay, not more than 24 hours


3 – 5 working days at most

In case of a delay, not more than 7 days


3 – 5 working days at most

In case of a delay, not more than 7 days


12 – 24 hours at most

In case of delay, not more than 48 hours


Identity Theft

Have you ever asked yourself why online casinos don’t give credit to players? In case you haven’t, here’s a brief history of the biggest identity theft scam in the online casino industry.

In the 1990’s, when the casinos were just starting off, the Roselli brothers scammed casinos more than $50 million. What they did was to lure players online with free cash, which they actually gave to players, then hired hackers to get credit information for all the players. Their main goal was to find those who didn’t have any credit histories and possessed several accounts.

Once they completed phase one of their project, they proceeded to the next – opened as many accounts as possible with different sites, and got a credit line, which they achieved very well.

To cut the long story short, the Roselli brothers achieved to walk away with $50 million dollars from the online casinos. The interesting part is that when the casinos and FBI started tracking them, they ended up to dead ends. Turns out that all the names – including the Roselli name – were just faked.

While this happened decades ago, there are casinos out there who will misappropriate your personal details. They will sell your personal information to the highest bidder without thinking twice, and at the end of the day, you end up finding yourself ‘committing’ a felony that you had no idea about.

Rigged Casino Games

We are well aware that the house already has an overwhelming advantage over the player, but this is usually regulated by different licensing bodies so that scammers don’t capitalize on it. This regulation came about after it was discovered that the blacklisted casinos were changing the RTP of certain games by margins as big as 2.0%. This, in reality, could mean very large profits for the casino itself.

You can protect yourself from such scam by signing up at reputable online casinos. Those sites that already have a license issued by some of the best licensing bodies in the world such as the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission and Government of Curacao.

How Do You Avoid Blacklisted Casinos?

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. It’s therefore important to prevent yourself from falling a victim for online casino scam by considering the following factors before joining any online casino.

  • History at blacklisted casino review sites. Has the site ever been listed at any of these sites? What was the reason? Did the casino respond to the accusation or did they just let it slide? Genuine sites always have representatives who work through multiple sites to clear any bad name for the site by resolving issues and complaint from customers!

  • Licensing information – Ensure you check the licensing information for that particular platform and cross check this information just to ascertain that it’s actually true.

  • The reputation of the site among players – Always ensure to carry out a survey of the site among players that you already know of or look for information at the blacklisted casinos review websites.

  • What do the terms and conditions say? Do they spell out how your personal and financial information is stored? If they share this information, who do they give it to and why?

  • Which payment options are supported at the casino? Are these options internationally recognized?